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How to protect your computer from virus in pen drives?

We have received lot of problems where computers got infected easily by the viruses in the pen drives, pen drives have become one of the most easiest carriers of various types of viruses these days. We will tell you how pen drives normally infect your computer systems and how can you open pen drive safely and back up your important data.
Due to the autorun feature of Windows serial system, like CDROM autoplay, most of the pen drive viruses create an autorun.inf file in the root of the pen drive folder to load automatically when the pen drive is inserted in the system.
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Disable Autorun feature of your system:

Disable Autorun feature of system can prevent viruses in pendrive from infecting your computer while it connected to USB port. you can remove the virus on it manually or use the special antivirus software to get rid of them.

  1. Open to Start >> Run and type “gpedit.msc” (without quotes) and press enter. This will open Group policy editor.
  2. Browse to Administrative templates >> System >> double click on Turn off Autoplay click on Enabled and Under Settings >> Select All Drives in the drop down and click OK (as shown in the image below) .
  disable autopaly  
Note: Disable autorun is only to make virus unable to affect computer when pendriver inserted into USB port or double clicks on the pen driver, the viruses still exist, your pen drive and computer also at high risk.

Gain full protection against pendrive virus and completely remove them.

USB Virus Scanner is antivirus software designed to enhance the protection when using USB storage devices , it provide full protection for your computer when inserting an virus-infected pen drive, with it, you can remove viruses/worms from pendrive easily without spoiling any files in pendriver, also it can protect your pen drive from virus infection.

Features of USB Virus Scanner:

  1. Remove virus automatically when a virus-infected pendrive connected to computer
   When you insert a virus-infected pen drive into computer, USB Virus Scanner will execute an indepth scan of your pendrive, viruses in it which may be ignored by major antivirus such as Kaspersky, Norton will be removed. Any pendrive viruses could not be able to affect computer under the protection of USB Virus Scanner.

  2. Immune your pendrive to protect it from viruses infection.
   Immune pen drive will disable one of the main spreading mechanisms of malware, the autorun.inf infection. Vaccination will prevent you from inadvertently transmitting worm to/from other computer where you insert your USB drives.

  3. Remove pen drive viruses in your computer system
   If you have ever open the virus-infected pen drive, and the virus on it come back again and again after removing, that means your computer system has also been infected by pendrive virus. USB Virus Scan can remove all pen virus in computer and USB drive permanently, the pendrive would not appear again any more.

   More features..

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