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What is USB Worm ?

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90% of the computers connected to the Web are infected.

USB worm is an application distinguished by its mode of proliferation. Once insert an infected USB drive into computer, the worm copies executable commands in the Windows and System folders. It also copies an autorun command into every resident drive. The file, autorun.inf, will launch the worm each time that drive or partition is opened. Additionally, it tries to protect itself by disabling the Task Manager.

The worm's secondary objective is an infected computer can spread the virus to a clean flash drive that is inserted. So that the virus can spread quickly via USB key and flash disk.

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USB Worm

Corrupt data in flash drive
Automatically infect connected computer
Disable folder option in system
Can't not be removed by common antivirus
Disables programs / system

How Do I Get Rid of USB Worm?

To avoid the unnecessary risk of damaging your computer, we highly recommend you use a good spyware cleaner/remover to automatically detect and remove virus and other trojans on your USB drive and PC.

  1. Download USB Worm Removal Tool.
  2. Run a scan to detect and remove any infections.
  3. Restart your PC and run another scan for any remaining traces of worms.

USB Worm in Computer Manual Removal Instructions

Note: This manual removal process is difficult and you run the risk of destroying your computer. We highly recommend you use the USB worms automatic removal tool.

Find and Remove registry keys:

Find and Remove USB Worm registry values:

Find and Delete virus files:

Find and Stop Processes:

What is a Worm?

Worms are classified by their propensity to duplicate themselves. Trojans and Viruses don't do this, but a worm is adept at making so many versions of itself that it's hard to remove. Due to their prolific nature, worms can propagate themselves over the Internet and over a LAN without a specific command from the malicious programmer. Moreover, worms do not have to infect a file as a Virus does, so, like a Trojan, a worm can be downloaded with a legitimate program that can still function properly and independently. Email attachments, instant message attachments, FTP file shares and p2p file shares are all easy carriers for worms, which is why a user must exercise caution when dealing with any of these.

Like their non-propagating cousins, Trojans, worms usually have a variety of tasks that include opening up vital data to theft, launching popups and other advertising (adware), hijacking browsers, and spying on user activities (spyware).

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